DC Chokes

DC Chokes

DC Chokes also considered as Inductor Chokes are used for filtering and controlling the DC bus voltage and current in applications that have a variable speed drive. Because of their economic nature and ability to reduce AC input line current, they have a wide demand in the domain. Trutech Products has established its footprint in the domain as one of the growing DC Chokes Manufacturers In Pune, Mumbai and India. We have the ability and right resources to meet the diverse and huge demand of customers. We are leading Transformer Manufacturers In Pune, Mumbai, India as well as abroad.


  • Reduce Harmonic Distortion: DC Link Choke is designed with all the features and contains some elements which have a major role in reducing AC input line current harmonic distortion while absorbing DC bus voltage spikes.
  • Minimize Some Damage: Using Direct Current Link Chokes minimize the chances of failure or any damage into the circuit and boost up the efficiency and life of the device.
  • Cost You Reasonable: Our offered DC Chokes are available at a competitive market price that would surely not cost you as many bucks as the repairing and replacing of the circuits or appliances all over again.

Top Reasons You Should Choose Us For DC Chokes In India:

  • Customized Range: We deal in custom made solutions that help us cater to a wide audience without disappointing them in any manner.
  • Competitive Prices: We quote reasonable prices for our complete range that fit your budget and give customers bangs for their bucks.
  • Timely Delivery: Further, our name is appreciated by our clients for providing prompt delivery of the goods.

If you are looking for one of the reliable DC Chokes Manufacturers in Satara, Yemen, Holland, Denmark, and South Africa, we work on a stable mission to offer the best. Our range is high in demand. So, without any further delays, get in touch with our team now.


Our highly trained and experienced team of engineers are here to hear the accurate features and customizations you want in the final product and would help you get exactly the same to an extent. Being one of the most promising Transformer Manufacturers In India, We are also best Electric DC Chokes Exporters and Suppliers in India, we assure you about the quality, competitive market prices and after-sale support as required. So, share your details to experience the excellence of our innovation.

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Why You Are The Best DC Chokes Manufacturers In India?

Trutech Products are one of the remarkable DC Chokes Manufacturers in India and offer you the best quality of DC Chokes. We formulate every product with great precision and use modern machinery that helps us to bring high-efficiency DC Chokes. Our highly trained professionals never mind putting extra effort into carrying innovative products. Our premium quality standard and safety assurance make us the talk of the town.

What Are The Types Of Products You Offer?

Here are a few products that we have for you. Check the list:

  • Control Transformer
  • Step-Down Transformer
  • Step-Up Transformer
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Three-Phase Transformer
  • Auto Transformer
  • Rectifier Transformer
  • Special Purpose Transformer, etc.

What Is A DC Chokes, And How Does It Work?

A DC Chokes is an electrical device that converts AC from one voltage to another. It works on the magnetic induction principle. It is designed to step up or step down voltages.

How Do I Choose The Right DC Chokes?

The right DC Chokes is necessary for better productivity. So when you buy the DC Chokes, check the label behind it. This label gives you complete detail of specifications including, Wattage (W) or the Amperage (A) of the DC Chokes. So check the label and choose according to your wattage need.

Can 60 Hz DC Chokes Be Operated At 50 Hz?

The DC Chokes 1 KVA, and larger rated at 60 Hz, should be avoided for operating the 50 Hz service. It is because of higher losses and resultant heat rise. But if we reverse this, 50 Hz DC Chokes will perform on 60 Hz service.