Inductive Load Bank

Inductive Load Bank

Trutech Products is one of the reliable Inductive Load Bank Manufacturers. We apply our whole bags of tricks to the designing and manufacturing of our products, which ensure their reliability and helps in boosting the production. Offered Inductive Load Banks is a small chamber consists of an iron-core reactive element, which when used in conjunction with a resistive load can create a lagging power factor load.



Pros Of Using Inductive Load Banks:

  • Highly robust design to withstand challenging conditions
  • Available in different sizes, designs and customizations
  • Consists of features known for efficient performance
  • Can be used in different applications
  • Dissipate the power accurately

Electrical Inductive Load Bank is available in different configurations like:

  • Resistive Load Bank (R bank)
  • Inductive Load Bank (L bank)
  • Resistive Inductive Load Bank (RL bank)
  • Resistive Inductive Capacitive Load Bank (RLC bank)

The value of Inductive Load Banks can vary and designed as per the KW/Amp Ratings defined by the clients.

Product Details:


230V / 415V


1 Kw t0 100 Kw


Loading and Testing


50 Hz / 60 Hz


1 Amp to 100 Amp


40 deg C

Dielectric Strength

2 KV

IP Grade





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