Special Purpose Transformer

Special Purpose Transformer

Special Purpose Transformer can be of any desired type voltage device, which is used for different voltage ratings in different applications. Its design and voltage has different standards and specifications and can run as per the need of the device and any particular application. Trutech Products is one of the trustworthy Transformer Manufacturers In India and Special Purpose Transformer Manufacturers In Pune. We have the device available in different configurations to fit the diverse needs of the customers.


  • High Efficiency: These transformers are designed according to the need of the industry and can be customized accordingly, thus, they ensure better efficiency and productivity.
  • Require Low Maintenance: The use of the ultra-modern technology and best raw components for Auto Transformer, we ensure that it doesn’t get damaged over and over again. They require less maintenance than any other alternatives available for the same.
  • Available In Wide Configurations: You can avail this in different options as per the desired voltage required in your device.

What To Look For When Buying Special Purpose Transformer In India?

  • Pay attention to their quality.
  • Always look for the experience of the manufacture.
  • Make sure that the model meets your specific requirements.
  • Check all the features and functionalities that you are looking.
  • Also, consider the price to get the best Special Purpose Transformer.

Why Choose Us For Special Purpose Transformer?

  • Devoted to our customers.
  • Pay extra attention to quality.
  • Double check every unit on varied parameters.
  • Have a comprehensive range for customer’s convenience.
  • Provide timely delivery.

We are notable among top Special Purpose Transformer Manufacturers in Ahmednagar, UAE, New Zealand, Egypt, Spain and Iraq. You can check our portfolio and make your choice with us now. Our experts with their experience can help you choose and invest in the right transformer as per the need of your facility.


As a well-known Transformer Manufacturers In Pune, we are named the best among the list of Special Purpose Transformer Exporters and Suppliers in India. Share all your requirements and get a desirable range from us at the most reasonable prices.

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Why You Are The Best Special Purpose Transformer Manufacturers In India?

Trutech Products are one of the remarkable Special Purpose Transformer Manufacturers in India and offer you the best quality of Special Purpose Transformer. We formulate every product with great precision and use modern machinery that helps us to bring high-efficiency Special Purpose Transformer. Our highly trained professionals never mind putting extra effort into carrying innovative products. Our premium quality standard and safety assurance make us the talk of the town.

What Are The Types Of Products You Offer?

Here are a few products that we have for you. Check the list:

  • Control Transformer
  • Step-Down Transformer
  • Step-Up Transformer
  • Isolation Transformer
  • Three-Phase Transformer
  • Auto Transformer
  • Rectifier Transformer
  • Special Purpose Transformer, etc.

What Is A Special Purpose Transformer, And How Does It Work?

A Special Purpose Transformer is an electrical device that converts AC from one voltage to another. It works on the magnetic induction principle. It is designed to step up or step down voltages.

How Do I Choose The Right Special Purpose Transformer?

The right Special Purpose Transformer is necessary for better productivity. So when you buy the Special Purpose Transformer, check the label behind it. This label gives you complete detail of specifications including, Wattage (W) or the Amperage (A) of the Special Purpose Transformer. So check the label and choose according to your wattage need.

Can 60 Hz Special Purpose Transformer Be Operated At 50 Hz?

The Special Purpose Transformer 1 KVA, and larger rated at 60 Hz, should be avoided for operating the 50 Hz service. It is because of higher losses and resultant heat rise. But if we reverse this, 50 Hz Special Purpose Transformer will perform on 60 Hz service.