Resistive Load Bank

Resistive Load Bank

Looking for one of the reliable Resistive Load Bank Manufacturers? Trutech Products leading Transformer Manufacturers In Pune. We have the experience and expertise that we put into the design and manufacture cost-effective and productive products. Offered Resistive Load Banks develop electrical load, which it applies to an electrical power source and convert or dissipates the resultant power output of the source. It accurately follows the real load that a power source will see in actual application.


Reasons To Buy Resistive Load Banks:

  • Dissipates the resultant power output
  • Available in specifications from resistive portable units to containerised solutions
  • Robust steel enclosure consists of three banks of switchable resistive loads
  • Inductive Resistive Load Bank is known for effective and efficient performance
  • Designed mainly for loading and testing purposes

Resistive Load Banks are manufactured in many configurations like:

  • Resistive Load Bank (R bank)
  • Inductive Load Bank (L bank)
  • Resistive Inductive Load Bank (RL bank)
  • Resistive Inductive Capacitive Load Bank (RLC bank)

The values of Variable Resistive Load Bank are designed as per KW / Amp rating needed by the customers, according to their requirements.

Technical Specifications:


230V / 415V


1 Kw t0 100 Kw


Loading and Testing


50 Hz / 60 Hz


1 Amp to 100 Amp


40 deg C

Dielectric Strength

2 KV

IP Grade





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